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TW 2.12

My first Torchwood review....

I've been a lurker on the Torchwood boards for  a few months, after recently discovering the show (three months ago?) and DW. Was all spoiled about season 1 before watching it, but now I'm trying to stay spoiler free. So no comments on TW 2.13 please! I know I should be working on my project that's due Monday, but I watched Fragments today and had to write something in this fandom, my first episode review of Torchwood! This was such a great episode, I'll definitely rewatch it next week to fill in the gap till the finale. The only episode this season that immediately made me want to rewatch was KKBB.


* Jack in Victorian times. Did not like the sideburns, though I did like him looking wet. I kinda cringed at JB's acting in the beginning, but halfway through his flashback he started working it again and by the time he was in the other flashbacks he was great. Maybe it was the drunken-loud act that I didn't like, dunno. Someone mentioned in a review that this might have been the point that he stopped drinking and switched to water, to avoid spilling his secrets to strangers. I embrace that as my personal fannon until proven otherwise.

* Those ladies sure kicked his ass! I thought Jack could fight better than that? I'm sure he would have liked to get it on with them later, I thought the brunnette might have been game for it... They were very much the way Torchwood 1 were, mean and brutal. But Jack died of electrocution in Utopia, so why didn't he die now? 

* Yay on Creppy Girl returning! I like to imagine her as a sort of a mentor for Jack over the years, giving him mysterious tidbits, steering him on the right course.... Poor Jack, knowing he'd have to wait over 100 years to find the Doctor, get some answers and maybe get fixed. And why oh why didn't he do what he said he'd do to the Doctor in Utopia? At first I was hoping he'd kiss the Doctor, even in a "hello" kiss, like the goodbye one in POTW. But not that I think more about Utopia and how horrid The Doctor was to Jack, some part of me wishes he'd do the second one.

* There are files about Jack. Lots of them. How come in season 1 Owen says that there's no records of Jack ever existing, beyond going missing in 1941? How did Tosh and Owen (and possibly Ianto) not know Jack was immortal? Maybe once Jack took over TW3 in 1999/2000 and TW1 collapsed after Canary Wharf, Jack used the opportunity to erase all of his files on record? Burnt them down?

* 1999 flashback. I wonder if we'll see that locket that showed murder-suicide guy some horror future events. It was such a creepy scene. All of them dead, him saying that famous Jack line about everything changing and wishing he could kill Jack and spare him what's coming. Is it something we've seen, like Abaddon (sp?) or Harold Saxon, or is it something completely different? I loved that scene and it makes sense for me that Jack was never in charge till then. First off- he would have kept his distance, been like an independant contractor, so that when the Doctor showed up he could run off. Second, as some reviewers have said, Jack is a natural second-in-command, though I do think he's doing a good job as the leader, I doubt he really wants the gig.

* How cool and sad that Jack's flashback counts the time in deaths? How many of those were on the Valiant? In 140 years he's died over 1000 times? Geez, I think he really did have a death wish. I mean he was pretty pro-suicide in season 1, especially that discussion with John (not KKBB John) about 'just bearable'. I just wanna hug Jack when I think about all he's been through! And does Rhys now know about Jack, or will he just tell himself he's rubbish at finding a pulse?


* I love sneaky spy geek that tosh is, she's very good at what she does. I've never seen old DW, so I can't comment about how UNIT is potrayed here, but it was pretty harsh what they did to her. How long has she been locked up before Jack visited? Didn't Mary say Tosh has been working for Torchwood for 3 years? I need to go rewatch GBG, I'm pretty sure I remember it being three. I always figured Owen was recruited before her, but maybe not. If I'm right and it's not just a plot hole, it means that Tosh was there for two years! Yikes!

* I loved her mother wearing the exact same outfit from EOD. This episode so feels like a great plot hole filler. So many questions have been answered here, especially regarding Tosh and Ianto. Now is the Mother dead? Cause Tosh went to her Grandfather's birthday party in 1.12 and I assume her mother would have been there, had she been alive. Plus it wouldn't make sense to see her in EOD, uless she was dead. So my thoughts are that Tosh had minimum contact with her mother (so that she'd never be tempted again? To teach her a lesson? To make sure seeing her doesn't jog up old memories that were retconned?) and the mom died. So Tosh's memory of her mom would have been as she'd last seen her- wearing that outfit and with that blood on her forehead.

* Was Jack kinda flirting with Tosh? I think out of all the characters, I can least understand Tosh and her relationship with Jack. All the others I get, but her and Jack.... Is it just friendship? Boss/Employee? Mentor/Student? Father/Daughter? Something else? I don't get them and I just get confused the few times they DO interact. *sighs* I love manipulative Jack though, I think he was at his element there.

* Was Tosh the only one with serious injuries? You know, other than dead Jack? Seems pretty unlikely. Would have loved if Owen would have at least cracked a few ribs, it's not like he needs them.


* Thank you CC! That was such a great episode to allow us to understand Cyberwoman better! Ianto was quite manipulative and stalkery and Jack really wasn't into it at first! Was that Janet by any chance? LOL, nah they already have one pet together, can't give them another. Boy did he rock those jeans though, yummy!

* Ianto stalking Jack, offering coffee, begging and nearly whoring himself to get a job so he could save his cyber-girlfriend. I LOVED their interactions, the one-sided flirting from Ianto's side at first and then that scene, which shall be expanded in just a moment. How DID Ianto get Lisa into the Hub? Dunno. I thought Jack was gonna kill Ianto and threatening to run him over? A bit harsh, don't ya think?

* Yay on Suzie being mentioned! I'm still not sure when she was recruited, but I'm still pleased. Would have liked a guest appearance, but will settle for this. Can I also say yay on Rhys helping out and being heroic? I love him more with each passing episode.

* NOW! Myfanwy- have I spelt it right? Yay on Ianto using her to lure Jack in and show him he's useful. I loved their rapport that whole scene and how comfortable they were- it seemed like they've been doing it for years! Jack actually mentioned 51 st century stuff. Well, could have claimed it a bit of alien tech that was seized, I guess. But I'd like to think Jack's attractive in his own right, without the use of phermones. I LOVED the rolling and the buzz between them. The moment after, when Ianto catches himself and walks away and cries, was just.... Amazing. I could totally see him suddenly forgetting his master plan and realizing he's falling for Jack and then feeling guilty and conflicted. Beautiful and puts a whole new spin on their relationship, especially in season 1. No I don't think they were sleeping before TKKS, but there was always something there between them.

* Couldn't Jack have hugged/kissed Ianto when he rescued him? Oh well, I'm sure he was greatful for popping his shoulder back into place. I'm sure there were subtle moments I'll only catch upon rewatching. Two episodes in a row that give us more of a glimpse of Janto, though I'd still like some indication if it's just sex or something more, cause me thinks they're beyond the just-sex part and I think I have evidence to back me up, but it's speculation and not cannon.

* Ianto basically reinvented himself for the job, didn't he? Each time he encountered Jack he offered something else. When Jack said he loved the suit, Ianto knew what to use. Also I loved the way Jack seemed to almost hit on Myfanwy, lol! Cooing her and talking about taking her home...I think Ianto noticed, if he's indignant "you'd take her and not me" speech is any indication. 


* So this is supposed to explain Owen being a prat in season 1? I could get behind that, if it weren't for him being a would-be rapist in episode 1. I don't care if they try and retcon us about that and about Owen/Gwen- it DID happen! And so while I'm loving Owen this season, I'll always remember those days.

* His fiancee was really pretty and seemed nice. Such a shame. I figured it was something alien, but Gah. Horrible. And Lurking Jack! Hey there, always a second too late he seems. Why didn't he retcon Owen with the rest of them? Did he do it on purpose so that Owen would seem mental, get practically fired and be available for  a job offer?

* Does Owen's timeline make any sense to you people? I still don't get how he's supposed to be 27, why couldn't they have made him 30-32? It would have been believable and made more sense.

* Jack knew that punch was coming. He didn't even try and fight it, he took it like a man and then just calmly stopped Owen and let him have  a meltdown. Owen crying in his arms warms my heart, cause for me it'll always be father/son older brother/younger brother relationship. How many times has Owen cried in his arms? There was EOD, DMW (I think? I remember Owen sobbing) and now Fragments. And they say Ianto is the Emo one, lol! I loved Jack giving Owen a purpose, cause I'd like to think TW is like a second chance to them all, a chance to rebuild and be better and make something better, ya know?

* The glass shard was making me nervous, as was Owen eyeing it. Nice of Gwen to stay and not give up, I was half expecting Jack to come and take it in the back, while lying over Owen. Did that sound bad? It sounded better in my head, I swear it did.

* So nobody's really hurt? Not even warranting a hospital visit? They were all standing next to the bombs, why was only Jack killed? I would have liked Owen to get slight hurt- nothing very bad, not losing a finger hurt- just to let us see how fragile he is.

Captain John Hart

* Yay! Hee hee, Psychopathic Ex-Boyfriends are a favorite of mine and John rules! I guess the team now know who Gray is, huh? Will we find out Jack's real name? Is John really doing all this cause Jack won't run away with him? Sheesh, but I guess Jack has that effect on people, huh? *g* I think next episode could be great! Jack angst and torture is always fun, and we were robbed of it on the Valiant, so I'm all in favor of getting it now. It's even a kink of mine- Jack being tortured mentally and physically, yes I'm sick. Anyhow, I'm worried about them giving us these flashbacks so soon to the finale, I guess someone's gonna die for good. I'm spoiler free (other than the trailer) so I don't want to know. But waiting two bloody weeks? Dang. 

* I bet Gray is psychotic now as well and wants to torture Jack. Oh I love that idea, cause Jack would blame himself and feel like he deserves it and try to reach out to Gray... Now this sounds a bit Soap Opera. I hope Gray stays Psychotic though, him and John working together to making Jack's life hell/bringing Jack over the edge-darkside? I LOVE that!

* This has nothing to do with the episode, but I really want Jack's missing two years to get mentioned. We don't have to know what they're about, just tell us you remember it and it's a possible future storyline. But that's just me.

This was one of the best episodes of season 2! I watched season 1 and didn't think too much of it, and had only  ahandful of outstanding episodes that I rewatched. but season 2 is so much better, that very few episodes stand out, either great or terrible. They're consistantly good. This and KKBB are DEFINITELY my favorite this season, with a few other episodes being very good as well. I liked Adrift, even though it was Gwen-heavy and some point I was just waiting for a CERTAIN scene to come on. And it just had a BIT too much Gwen, so while I liked it a  lot, I did kinda glance at my watch from time to time, can't help it.

My first Torchwood review and it's pretty long, but I'm a rambler, lol. Any spelling mistakes are me being too lazy to look up the word and I'm rubbish at spelling. Of course I have a perfectly reasonable excuse of not being from a Native-English-Speaking Country, so *shrugs* Point them out if you find them and I'll fix it.

* I don't want Torchwood to end! And while I kinda like DW, I know I'll be waiting for the last few episodes for  acertain reunion and my favorite character (Jack) to return there.


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