January 6th, 2013

Will Graham shifty eyes

Revolution Fic: Stamp of Approval

Fandom: nbc's Revolution

Rating: pg-13 to be on the safe side. Warning: Writing on someone when they're asleep.

Characters: Miles, Aaron, Charlie, Nora, Rachel and Danny. And Monroe's lurking presence.

Pairing: Gen, with canon past Miles/Nora and possible hints at Miles/Monroe and Rachel/Monroe. Maybe if you squint and tilt you head 45 degrees you can pick up on other pairings.

Summary: The Gang wakes up to find themselves marked by Monroe, but not in his usual way.

Prompt: This crack-tastic conversation between mercscilla, corycides nd mustbethursday3:

Mercy: "How cute/deranged is it that Bass has already put his little symbol on the helicopter? THIS IS MINE… MY PRECIOUS MILITARY TOYS!"

Cory: "I like to imagine that he has a little stamp with him wherever he goes. My horse. My building. My bottle of beer."

Thursday: "Alright THAT needs to be added to that crack fic no one's writing yet. Miles and Charlie (and Rachel…. And lol AARON) waking up in the middle of the night, or early morning to find themselves stamped."

Author's Note: It's semi-crack and semi-serious, hopefully all around amusing and entertaining. Miles needed some time to brood in the beginning; he has a quota to fill.

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