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Robin Hood Finale

OK, so I've never posted my thoughts on my journal as a link before, so I'm crossing my fingers (and toes). I hope this works, I hate computers... Oh and if I have spelling mistakes I apologize. My convenient excuse is that I'm an Israeli and I don't write much in English. I always love having an excuse to fall back on when I'm too lazy to check spelling.

My thoughts:


LOVED Episode 12! I really did and I'm conflicted about episode 13 and I don't really like the ending. Let's see...

*""Are we going to kill them?"
"Are we going to like it?"

Is it wrong that I was kinda cheering with them? It's catchy! Oh and I love that apparently Robin watched 300 recently. Poor Will, he looked so hopeful and then his hopes were dashed. But Much hates that story too! And I had an odd fascination with that feather in Will's mouth. Hmmmm..... Where was I?

* Much was great this (these) episode! Organizing a birthday party for Robin and trying to sacrifice himself so that the others can get away! I love him and I'm glad he finally told Robin to treat him right! The whole reveal part was great, cause Much vented, Robin tried to explain why he's a git, Djaq/Will became cannon and LJ got to show some emotions. It was scary, but it was more than he got to do this entire season. (and I loved how Will hugged him! Yay at being hugged by Will- the cure to all sorrow!) A week ago I read a Truth or Dare fic in RH fandom, so the minute Djaq suggested the game it was like- coincidence or is someone reading the comm...

* Will/Djaq. I ship them, I really do. They're cute and Will should be happy. But it just didn't work for me. The small stuff did- his expression at her confession, kissing, holding hands, giving looks. It's the big things that didn't work for me. Both their speeches were weird and very emotional, from two very tight-lipped people. And Will calling her "my love" all of a sudden seemed forced. I'm glad they're happy and together, but I'm not sure I liked it as much as I thought I would.

* No Allan/Will moments AT ALL! I'm not a slasher at heart, I was just missing their friendship. They didn't have a bit of dialogue. No Will telling Robin "you can trust him, he saved my life" so hugging between Djaq/Allan or Allan/Will when Allan came back or when they left them in the Holy Land! And no Allan mentioning the obvious relationship between Will and Djaq! He liked her too, or is everyone forgetting that bit from "Tattoo? What Tattoo?" When we realized both boys might be pining for the same woman? I didn't want angst, just a little "so you're together now? When did that happen?" Would have been fine.

* Allan's farting analogy. I was right there with Marian- wha?

* Oh they're not even being subtle with the MAG and slashiness if even I'm picking up on it! That dream of Guy's- LOL! Allan being 'his boy' and not to mention The Sheriff's "kissing in the moonlight?" jealous remark. And The Sheriff must have felt left out, cause he did the creepy thing again when he woke Guy up and was talking about being just the two of them again. Awww, The Sheriff missed Guy, when Guy was keeping busy with Marian and Allan. What? Where did that come from? I'm not a slasher! Damn you show!

* Carter. A waste of a good character. Though I love the "smiling on the wrong side of the face" line and the general continuity this episode (greek fire, TreatMuchRight, John leading the Sheriff to camp, The pigeons, etc...) And even when he died Marian stole the spotlight from him.

* If they didn't have time to stop at camp and rushed to The Holy Land... Where did Allan get his change of clothes from? And where did Marian's dress come from- did The Sherrif/Guy pack for her?

* The King's an idiot, but I like that. After the way Robin's been going on and on about what will happen when the King returns, you expect this regal and just God-like guy. Instead you get a suspicious and ungrateful prat. I liked Allan's reaction to this, saying that the King was the one who was having them executed. Robin is still making excuses, but we all know this guy might not fix everything if and when he gets back,

* I'm not much of a Robin/Marian shipper, but I loved both 'weddings'. And man was Much bawling at the wedding! Seriously what was up with that, I thought Will was the sensitive crying one? I really loved Marian's death scene, cause she was kinda funny and still brave in face of death. Never liked her that much, but it was a good and proper death-scene. They have lots of guts to kill her off- I was worried about practically every single character BUT her0 really caught me by surprise. It could lead to a very dark and interesting season three- Marian could appear as a 'ghost' to either/both Robin/Guy and add angst (especially to a  tormented Guy. That could be awesome)

* Is it just me of did half the characters seem OOC at the end? Both Marian and Robin didn't seem as heartbroken as I would have thought they'd be (thinking/knowing the other is dead). Marian DOES care for Guy, just not the same way. I can't believe she'd rub it in like that, just asking to be killed. Guy I could understand, but why did he go back to the Sheriff? After all the progress he made? And talking about taking Marian by force?

*And Will is staying there? WTF? I could understand Djaq, they're her people (though she never seemed to be too home-sick till now) but why is Will staying? It makes no sense! They'll never accept him, he's abandoning the good fight, his 'family', the poor and let's not forget Lukey! I'm hoping they come to their senses soon, I don't think I could survive without Will. Even if he comes back mid-season, that's too damn long without HL!

That's my long rant. I think if this were the series finale it would have worked somehow. But knowing that there's a season three, I'm not sure where they'll take this. Robin will be motivated by revenge, but how long can he NOT kill Guy? And who will look out for the poor? It's all very confusing but I think this could have lots of potential. They made  a gutsy move and if they've planned ahead, it might just make a very dark and great season 3. I hope. If Will's there.


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